tes1My baby boy used wake up constantly through the night and me and the Mrs wouldn’t get much sleep. Was a bit sceptical at first about using sound to help him sleep but we got to the stage where we would try anything. Anyway the sounds you provided now work great and help my boy sleep through the night. He only wakes once at the most on some occasions and me the Mrs get a lot more sleep. I would definitely reccomend sleep tight to friends with kids that have trouble sleeping, its been a god send. Thank you very much.
Paul – Yorkshire, England

jacquelineI tried this MP3 as a soothing aid for my baby to help her sleep during the night. Me and my husband were sleep deprived and it was causing us stress and caused arguments that weren’t previously there. We were told about SleepTight so we thought we give it a go. It has worked wonders for us because the baby is now sleeping and so are we. Thank you Sleep Tight!
Jacqueline – Barnsley, England

tes3I used the white noise download track for the first time last night and my baby boy was asleep within minutes!! – I can feel my sanity coming back by getting the sleep I need!
Madison from Winnipeg, Canada

tes4Amazing my lil man sleeps better with the sounds effects from sleeping tight and I get the effect of it too especially the waterfall one :-)
Garrison from Nigeria
tes5SleepingTight was brilliant for me and my family, not only was my baby waking up countless times during the night, but my husband was always getting stressed, good news is now, with the baby speaker always switched on when we go to bed, not only my baby sleeps though the night, but the sounds send my husband to sleep before even the baby. double celebration.
Ciara from Ireland
tes6I’m a single parent, and i for one now fully appreciate ever little sleep i can get. Life has been tough, but the MP3s have really helped me out. Iv already recommended SleepingTight to friends in a similar situation. thanks
Preke from Albania