Customer Support


Our download process is quick and easy to all customers purchasing on our website. Depending on the speed of your internet and your computer, the duration of the download process can vary. If you have any problems downloading our MP3 soundtracks, we will gladly assist and help get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Please email for support!


Buy with confidence! Our credit card transactions are handled with industry-heading instalment models, so whatever instalment technique you utilise, you can have certainty that your instalment will be protected, secure and simple. We do not store credit card details.


Paypal is a payment service provided by Paypal Inc., which allows users to make online payments safe and secure using their Paypal credentials.


We believe that if you are unsatisfied with our product, you are entitled to a refund. Within 30 days of your purchase, please email us and we’ll refund the full amount, no questions asked! You even get to keep the MP3/CD! If for any reason you lose the MP3 file, you may re-download the file for absolutely free, for life!


Your privacy is important to us and it’s our main concern! When you buy our products, your information will never be imparted or unveiled to any other parties for any other reason. To prevent unauthorised access, maintain information correctness and guarantee the right utilisation of data, we have suitable physical, electronic and managerial methods in place to shield and secure the information we gather online.